Friday, March 27, 2009

Catherine Hasty's Spring Break at the Ruth School

Project Ruth receives a number of groups during the summer. These groups usually organize Vactation Bible School for kids from the Ruth School and surrounding neighborhood. Very few teenagers have the opportunity to visit the Ruth School during the school year. This year Catherine Hasty decided to spend her spring break at the Ruth School while her dad, Tim, came to Bucharest on business (training Romanian custom officials). Catherine's first visit was with the Acteen group from FBC Aiken, S.C., but this time she was serving alone as she participated in various classes during the mornings and spending time with Romanian youth from Providence Church in the afternoons.

Catherine (back row - middle) with 6th Grade Class

Catherine said, "I am an elementary education major, so I really enjoyed seeing what classes are like in another country...Even though this trip was a lot different, it was just as meaningful and something I will always remember!" Project Ruth is thankful for students like Catherine who love to serve and to be apart of the children's lives at the Ruth School.
You can read more from Catherine from her daily journal on facebook by clicking here.
For more opportunities on serving at the Ruth School, during the school term or summer, contact Project Ruth at

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gypsy Smith Visits Western Romania

Last October, Alex and I (Wes) visited two Roma churches in two different villages in western Romania in order to share with them about the opportunity for their leaders to attend the Gypsy Smith School in Bucharest. Even though they have already sent some leaders to Bucharest, they asked us if we would be willing to hold a three day course in one of their villages. Due to the distance from Bucharest (12 hours by train), this would allow many more students to attend. We agreed and for the first time GSS was held in a location other than Bucharest. There were twelve church leaders from surrounding villages in attendance for the Biblical Interpretation & Application course.

As wonderful as it was being with these Roma church leaders, what was even more encouraging was the special baptismal service for three Roma. Despite the 30-degree weather outside and no heater inside, people gathered together to witness the first baptisms in their village. The three Roma could have waited until spring, but they refused to wait. They couldn’t wait. They wanted to be baptized as soon as possible and I was honored to be there to witness such an enthusiastic expression of faith.