Friday, June 15, 2012

Waiting to Hear

Over a year after beginning to record, the recording of the Sinti New Testament has been completed. Keith Holmes has folded up the portable recording studio (pvc pipe, duct tape, sleeping bags and comforters). In addition to the two Wycliffe Bible translators, a team of four Sinti Christian leaders have listened to every second of the recordings. Corrections have been recorded and approved. The files have been sent off to Faith Comes by Hearing. They will add the sound effects and make the finished recording available. Then Sinti around the world will be able to hear the Word of God via CD, MP3 player, downloads from the Internet, or even a smartphone app. Do you want to hear the Word of God in your language? Go to Free versions of the New Testament in two other Romani languages are already available.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Keep doing what you’re doing

   In May we visited with Mary, director of the community center where the Detva fellowship meets for worship and Bible study.  Mary is Roma. She’s been active in her community for years.  Her bubbly personality and joyous smile are contagious.  The purpose of the meeting was to see how we could work together to benefit the Detva community.  Mary was honest with her skepticism about having a group of Baptists, which she called "some sort of sect," meeting in her building.  
  She talked about her hesitation of allowing religious groups to use her facilities because over the years she’s seen more than one group come and go, creating chaos in their wake.  She continued, "but what changed my mind about allowing you to be here is Lenka.  I have worked with her for years.  She has changed so much since you have started your work.  She used to be so angry - abnormal - screaming at her children all the time.  … She was always upset.  But now, I can see a difference in her life, so keep doing what you are doing."  
  •    Praise God for the love of Christ, which is able to redeem and transform persons.  
  •    Praise God for the testimony of authentic, effective ministry which can even transform communities.  
  •    Pray for the believers in Detva as they continue to grow.  
  •    A woman from the group will give birth in July and is worried about the pregnancy – pray that God will give her peace and for a healthy baby.  
  •    Praise God for the gift to purchase Bibles for the Detva fellowship!