Friday, August 27, 2010

Roma in the European News

**Background: France began last week sending home Roma (Gypsies) that had overstayed their 90 day allowance and had not found employment or started school. The French government is flying the Roma to their home countries and giving them 300 Euro per adult and 100 Euro per child. It has been very controversial. Below is the latest:

EUobserver: Paris has invited a handful of member states to an 'immigration' summit next month, amid strong controversy stirred by its high-profile deportation of scores of Roma back to Romania and Bulgaria. The meeting is to take place in Paris on 6 September and is supposed to deal with the "general topic of immigration". The list of invitees includes interior ministers from Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and Greece. The Canadians have also been invited, while the Belgian EU presidency was added to the list as an afterthought. But the list is notable for who is not on it. Neither Romania or Bulgaria have been invited - the destination for Roma currently being deported from France.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Faithful...Meet Laszlo Antal

Meet our friend and ministry partner, Laszlo Antal (on the right in the picture). Laszlo is a retired Hungarian businessman living with his wife in the town of Szentendre. He is a layleader in the local Baptist church there. Laszlo has a heart for the Roma people. This is seen through his deep commitement to the Roma Baptist Church in Csobanka. Sunday after Sunday, despite the ups and downs of membership, the weather conditions, often the lack of a musician, Laszlo comes faithfully to support the church through teaching, preaching, praying, and serving as treasurer. This love for the Roma is seen in his steady voice and calm attitude toward whatever may happen. Laszlo has been making his way on Sunday afternoons to Csobanka for several years now. Please join us in praising God for those He has called out and their commitment to be faithful to that calling. Pray asking God to call more workers and that those He calls will say yes.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Partnership . . . connections that work

Partnering with local churches and organization multiplies the impact of our ministry and leverages local assets as they transform their own communities.  Below is a letter from one of our special local partner organizations, Heifer Slovakia. In addition to our work with them, we've also been able to connect them with other local donors to support their goal of eliminating extreme poverty.
On behalf of Heifer Slovakia I would like to thank you for your generous gift . . . which was directed towards support of the project “The Fowl House in Toporec”. Your commitment to helping fight hunger and poverty in our community is sincerely appreciated.
Each year Heifer Slovakia continues to advance its mission of working with communities to end hunger and poverty with respect to environmental protection. Through our projects we have seen many lives changed for the better.
In particular, “The Fowl House in Toporec” project is focused on improvement of financial and social situation of 15 families. In addition, they develop deeper knowledge and practical skills in hen breeding. The goal of the Heifer Slovakia is to continue to make a difference in the world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing sources of the healthy planet.
The aim of the Heifer Slovakia is to continue to make a difference in the world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing sources of the healthy planet. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see improvements in the standard of living of many families in Slovakia. In addition, we co-operate and support other not-for-profit organizations active in the field of social sphere (e.g. Centre for drug addicts, homeless people, disabled people, single mothers, abused women, etc)
Thanks again for your generous support of our efforts to respond to the constant changes in the needs of families suffering from hunger and poverty and at the same time keep peace, justice and unity.
Kind regards
 Join us in prayer for Heifer Slovakia, all their client families/communities, and for the transforming work they do.  Praise God for good partners and for donors who fund these connections that work!

"Till We Meet Again..." Good Bye Camp Tag

It was a marvelous summer! Our three college students gave of themselves over and over with servant attitudes, flexibility, and lots of laughter. Caitlin, Kolby, and Nina served for six weeks with the McNarys in The Czech Republic and Slovakia and with the Stocks in Hungary. They immersed themselves in Roma culture and eagerly learned a few words of language. They gave out lots of hugs, acted out Bible stories, sang silly songs, made many friends, and cheerfully did whatever was needed. Our Gypsy Ministries Team appreciates their willingness to be the hands and feet of Christ among the Roma of eastern Europe. Thank you!

Student.GO is a CBF program for college and seminary students to spend summers or school semesters serving among the most neglected peoples. We recommend it to students feeling a call to serve. It will change your world! Want to know more? Check out: