Thursday, December 13, 2012

DVD in Time for Christmas?

Step 1: Kalderash Romany from Romania immigrate to the Luton, England, area.
Step 2: Martin Burrell heads an outreach to them.
Step 3: Pastor Martin Burrell in Luton creates Bible stories in English; then translates them into Romanian Kalderash.
Step 4: Keith records the stories along with background music by Martin's friend David Williams.
Step 5: Keith matches illustrations from the Read 'n Grow series to the stories, making both Kalderash and English narration the same length.
Step 6: Background music is included.
Step 7: Martin views and listens, suggests changes, then approves the final videos.
Step 8: Finding someone to author the DVD (i.e. make a master). This proves to be a difficult step which required significant prayer support.

Step 9: Next week, someone connected with Wycliffe Bible translators/SIL will author the DVD. He also offered to make copies and deliver them to Luton.
Step 10: Hopefully, delivering the finished DVDs to Kalderash-speaking Romany in the Luton area in time for Christmas.

However, the Bible stories can be seen right now on Youtube at: