Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing You...

Veselé Vánoce!
Gelukkig Kerstfeest!
Veselé Vianoce!
Crăciun Fericit!
Merry Christmas!
The Gypsy Team wishes you a joyful celebration of our Lord's birth!

**Santa hands out gifts to the Ruth School students and they present a program for their parents and the staff.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My friends often ask me why I want to work with Roma and I tell them, "Because of Natalka. . . " Natalka is Roma girl who at the age of two suffered severe burns when far-right extremists threw a Molotov cocktail into her home. She lost 80 percent of her skin, and spent months lying in an induced coma following the attack. Here is a link to a CNN article about the attack: In October, those responsible were sentenced to 22 years in a high-security prison. Although this is a severe sentence in the Czech Republic, it doesn’t seem so harsh when compared to Natalka’s life sentence.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Missional moments

During the holidays, most of us are frantically trying to finish our shopping and prepare for parties and get-togethers as we celebrate Christmas. Some folks are just trying to make it from day to day. We had the privilege of sharing with others over the past few weeks.

Partnering with the Baptist mission in Presov and new ministry volunteer Pavel, we delivered Mikulas (St. Nicholas) gift bags to 30 children and food boxes to 12 families in Kapušany, SK. The cold wind and blowing snow could not compete with the warm welcome we received. The broad smiles on the children’s faces brightened the day.

The International School in Kosice had a food drive to emphasize the importance of concern for others. They asked us if we knew of a good place to donate the food. Immediately, we thought of our friends the Horvaths in Jasov, SK. Though we had already provided food for 15 families in Jasov, the gift from the International School provided food for at least an additional 10 families. We thank the International School families and staff for their generosity. We are especially glad that the secondary and 12/13 year old students were able to deliver the food. The visit to a Roma settlement was a first for most of them.

Providing food for families in need through our partners in Vazec, SK and Devleskero Kher church in Kosice will impact an additional 50 families during the harsh winter. This year's winter has arrived with a vengeance.  Being the presence of Christ includes giving food to those who are hungry (Matt. 25: 35, 40).

For a heart warming story about sharing what you have with those in need, don't miss reading about the recent experience of Heritage Baptist Fellowship in Canton, GA.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Italy, England, Romanian Romany

Why do Romany sometimes roam? Because they want to survive. Though we live in the Netherlands, we get requests for Romany-related resources from all over. Keith has had an extensive e-mail correspondence with a Baptist pastor in England who is starting a ministry among Romanian Romany there. The pastor received the Jesus DVD and copies of the New Testament in Kalderash with thankfulness. He was also keenly interested in Romany Christian music.
The two women working with Romanian Romany in Italy also want a bunch of Jesus DVD's, though the Romany they are reaching out to have no way of viewing them. These folks live in make-shift houses under bridges and highway overpasses. When the police chase them away, the two women hunt around until they find the Romany again. They hoped we could send them 50 DVD's, at cost because they want to use most of their financial resources to help the children stay clothed and fed. We are sending them one, free of charge, to check out first, along with a lot of prayer!