Saturday, May 13, 2017

For Moms and other interested parties--Parent-Child Club

Did your mom read to you? Did she show you how to work puzzles? Did she give you crayons and coloring books? Did she play games with you? Let's back up a step--did she have games to play with you, crayons to give you, and books to read to you?
These moms don't. But they can teach their children all those literacy-related things your mom taught you through a Parent-Child Club.

What is the Parent-Child Club?
Fun activities that help children learn. Young children participate together with an older person from their family. This person could be a mother, grandma, an aunt, a sister or a father, uncle, brother or grandfather.

Why use the child’s first language as much as possible? 
Children learn best in their own language, partly because they feel more at ease when their own language is spoken. Also, it improves a person’s sense of self-worth when their language is considered important enough to be used in activities like this.

These photos are from the first field trial. We would like to do at least two more this coming year. Interested in helping? Or leading one yourself? Let us know! 
Activities: available at Davar Parent-Child Club.