Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Houston, We Have A......Fellowship!

Houston bound! CBF's annual General Assembly is being held July 2nd & 3rd at the convention center in Houston, TX. It is a great opportunity to worship, fellowship, meet new people, reacquaint with old friends, thank supporters, buy something unique at the silent auction or missions marketplace, and just have a rootin', tootin' (as the Texans would say) good time! If you are attending come by the Gypsy Ministries booth and say howdy. We'll have new pictures to show, new stories to tell, and the latest newsletter to share. The Adkins, Craigs, McNarys, and Stocks will be hanging around along with our stateside prayer coordinators, Linda and Bruce Salmon. Hope to see ya'll there!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Until We Met Again... Craigs Complete Assignment

Tomorrow, June 15th, Wes and Susan Craig, serving as Global Service Corps workers to Project Ruth in Bucharest, Romania, board the plane marking an end to their three years of ministry there. Susan and Wes jumped boldly into their assignment despite a new language, different culture, and without knowing anyone there. They embraced all that was new and different, forging new friendships, and making a difference among those around them. Relationship building is key to a good ministry and the Craigs were excellent at it, leaving behind many sad friends as they say good-bye.

Wes and Susan strengthened the ministry partnership CBF has with Project Ruth through increasing and improving communication with other partners. They expanded the networks throughout the USA and among the Romanian Romany. They facilitated great experiences for volunteers coming to work among the neglected. The Craigs eagerly grasped new opportunities.

Through Susan's administrative skills the office of Project Ruth was strengthened and organized. Wes stepped in to network and recruit teachers and students for the Gypsy Smith Leadership Training School. He followed up to encourage the students in the new knowledge they had obtained. It is not possible to list all the wonderful things they did while serving in Bucharest.

For the CBF Gypsy Team they were a breath of fresh air. Their youthful enthusiasm added to our discussion and strategy sessions. To say nothing of the late night card games! We all enjoyed their easy-going personalities and curiosity to explore new places. Wes and Susan will be greatly missed by our team.

As Wes and Susan make their way to Texas, closing this chapter in their lives and opening the next, please join us in praying that they will see clearly the next step God has for them. Ask Him to provide employment opportunities and meet their daily needs. Offer praise for their willingness to serve Him and the outstanding job they did.

The Craigs are eager and willing to share their stories of life at Project Ruth. Please contact them to come and be with your church, SS class, missions group, or anyone else interested in Romany ministry.

Wes and Susan, thank you for serving among the unreached of the world.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lifelong Learning - Goal Reached

CBF greatly encourages its personnel to continue to have learning experiences along their life journeys. Ralph completed one of his on May 30th when he received a Masters of Divinity from CBF partner school, The Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond in Virginia. BTSR was willing to work with Ralph as he studied long distance through internet classes and as he scheduled on-site classes during our off-field assignment times. We are grateful for the support from CBF, BTSR, our family, friends, and Gypsy Ministry supporters. All played a part in getting down the path. Thank you! To God Be the Glory!