Sunday, November 29, 2015


Do you have one of those fancy coffee-making machines in your home? They make one cup at a time, brewed through these fancy little coffee-filled gizmos (refillable plastic-and-mesh ones if you're thrifty), and they cost $100+ unless you get them on sale. I know the price, since an in-law of mine was Christmas-shopping for them. We don't need one, though. When Keith was recording the Eastern Slovak Romani New Testament, the Romany brothers showed him how to make coffee without any kind of machine at all. Here's how it's done.

1. Spoon desired amount of coffee into mug.

2. Add boiling water.

3. Stir in sugar.

4. Then stir in more sugar.
5. Enjoy with friends.

So, that's all there is to it. No fancy coffee-making machine needed. Feel free to send the $100+ saved to a worthy cause. (And let me know if you need ideas about which worthy cause . . . I know of one or two . . . .)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Taste of Home

What foods make you feel at home? a particular snack? your own tea? Keith and I had been taking an 8-hour bus ride from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Dallas, Texas. I was feeling out of my element. The snack racks in the store at the rest stop featured cracklings in different flavors, pork rinds, and mini sweet potato pies.   

Then, behind a pot selling boiled peanuts, I saw it. There was the coffee Dutchmen slip into their suitcases and travel trailers so they can have a taste of home far from home:  Douwe Egberts (DOW-e EGG-berts). I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to run back to the bus to tell Keith about it. And then I ran back in to buy a cup to go.