Friday, July 24, 2009

Stocks New Home

As of August 21 when the landlord finishes the refurbishing we will officially live in the XVI district of Budapest. Thank you for your prayers that we quickly find the right house. Our prayers were answered with this 'twin' or what we call a duplex on a quiet street near the main highway that allows quick access to travel to the various Roma missions. We appreciate your support and concern. PTL!

Romany in the 21st Century

Sinti Romany don't like their language written down--but they DO like to hear it. Some eons ago we recorded the Joseph stories from Genesis onto cassette tape. Now we're bringing that into the 21st century by adding illustrations and putting the segments on YouTube. You can check out the first two at I thought I'd get the last three done pretty quickly, but I've run into a few snags . . . and my shoulder hurts. According to the physical therapist, I've got "frozen shoulder syndrome." According to sources on the Internet, it could take up to 2 years to thaw. I'm opting for treatment!

Around Pentecost, Mary had coffee in a Sinti woonwagon (house trailer). The hostess was complaining to her cousins about her husband. "We've got this new laptop, and he says I shouldn't be on it. 'Internet isn't for Gypsies.'" The woman clearly didn't agree. We don't, either. Next time we're in that particular camp (trailer park), we're going to give her the link to the Joseph stories in her language on YouTube. There's a lot of other Gypsies posting things on Internet, too, including two Keith created from children's books for The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Drivers License Extended!

Thank you for praying for our drivers license and the process of renewing them. There were a few glitches but overall it went smoothly. We know the power of prayer! Please continue to pray for our house search.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Visiting Supporters

While in Romania we would liaise with supporters and visitors from all over the globe, primarily England and the US. Now that we have returned to the US it has been our pleasure to travel and visit many of the people we met while in Romania.

Smithfield Baptist Church came to Romania in July 2008. They were a team of 15 people coming to Project Ruth to do various tasks. During their time we become very close and were extended an invitation once we return to the States. We honored that invitation and spent 4 days in Smithfield.

While there we shared during Sunday school about Project Ruth, enjoyed a meal with the team (most of them) and participated for 2 nights at Vacation Bible. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that we tried Smithfield ham for the first time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Land of the Magyars - Welcome Back!

After nearly 11 months on the field, a college graduation, a seminary graduation, lots of opportunities to tell the story of ministry among the Gypsies and several family crisi (is that the plural of crisis?) Ralph and I have arrived back in Hungary. (They call themselves Magyar.) It was a good off-field assignment and it was difficult to say good-bye. We are energized and ready to see what God has in store for us and the Roma ministry. First on the agenda is finding a place to live. Please pray we can find a new apartment quickly. Also pray as we begin the process of renewing our Hungarian drivers licenses. Pray it will go smoothly and quickly too. It's good to be back!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

GA Day 2 - Same Song, Second Verse

Day 2 dawned early with many of us attending breakfast meetings to tell the stories of ministry among the Gypsies. Throughout the day we rotated manning our booth and attending various breakout sessions. As evening came we said good-bye to Shane and Dianne on their way to a family reunion. The worship service was wonderful as we again concentrated on the Good Samaritan and who are our neighbors. With a multicultural flair we sang and shared the Lord's Supper. I, Tammy, shared about an experience last summer when a group of Latino youth came from Virginia to provide a backyard Bible Club for Roma children. David Harding, CBF field personnel, shared of the need for clean water and the efforts in Ethiopia to provide wells. The CBF college experience called Student.GO was showcased as well. Following a reception in the exhibition hall, we packed up the Gypsy Ministry Booth and said our good-byes.

Until next year.... (In Charlotte, NC, June 24-25 - mark your calendars!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

CBF General Assembly - Day 1

Day 1 was filled with lots of talking and "catching up". Our CBF Gypsy Ministries booth has a strategic location on the walk-through as people make their way to the large group sessions. We are able to see so many prayer supporters, past volunteers, old acquaintances, and those interested in knowing more about Gypsy ministry. We team members present rotated through the booth greeting everyone. When not on official duty the rest of us attended breakout sessions and other functions. Ralph and I attended the Bible study on the Good Samaritan led by Dorisanne Cooper, pastor from Waco. She made us think of the familiar story in new ways. The evening worship was up-lifting and inspiring. It was amazing to see all the fantastic things being done by CBF in the name of Christ. The day ended with a concert by the very talented Kyle Matthews of FBC, Greenville, SC. What a Fellowship!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

CBF Commissioning

The theme of the General Assembly this year is "Welcome to Your Neighborhood." The commissioning of new CBF field personnel centered on the story of the Good Samaritian and who was a good neighbor. The setting of South Main Baptist Church was beautiful with its stained glass windows and full, robed choir. Gypsy Team personnel assisted in the commissioning with Glen Adkins using his musical gifts and Shane McNary leading in a responsive prayer. The introductions of the new field personnel were interspersed with special music, litanies, and recognitions. The offertory music with an interpretive dance was a worshipful experience of sight and sound.

The evening concluded with Rob Nash, Coordinator of Global Missions, challenging not only the new personnel, but each and every one of us. He encouraged us to engage in the 21st century. We need to listen to the Global church, partner and network with congregations, and think outside of our box.

Who are our neighbors? What kind of neighbor am I?

Houston - T minus one and counting

CBF General Assemblies are like big family reunions. On this day before the Assembly officially begins people are gathering to meet, set-up, organize, and the many other tasks involved in a big meeting. It is amazing to sit in the lobby and watch people arrive. They are often greeted with hugs, smiles, handshakes, pats on the backs, and, since we're in Texas, "Howdys".

The Gypsy Team members quickly met to catch up and assemble our ministry booth. So if you're in Houston, ya'll come by and see us.

Tonight we look forward to the commissioning service of the newest field personnel. Always a meaningful and exciting time.