Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Found in Translation

When I go to Moldova, I put myself in the hands of God--and the Moldovans. I make plans, but one really never knows what's going to happen. For instance, I am never sure who will translate into Russian or Romanian (or Usari Romani) for me until I actually show up. Sunday, at the church dedication, Dana translated. She translated for me and a group of women last May. Wonderful. Monday, the pastor's wife Olesea translated. Her English is not nearly as good, but the fellowship was fantastic. Monday evening, Marina flew in from Ashville, N.C. via a week in Germany. What a Godsend. She translated for us until Wednesday. Thursday, translators appeared at every appointment in Chisenau, the capital. At an impromptu gathering that evening of the Kalderash Romany brothers, the brothers had arranged for a university professor (teaches English, French, AND German) to translate. And finally, during lunch at the Moldovan Baptist Union, I and our daughters sat next to the Union's official English translator. Keith did his own translating--into German with the German guest sitting across from him. Amen. Works in all languages.

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