Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is the year of the student in Roma ministries in Slovakia and the Czech Republic!  Kendall Ratliffe began her ministry in Litoměřice, the Czech Republic on 1 June.  Kendall will serve along side the Czech ministry team to support the Litoměřice Baptist Church's English ministry, minister with the Oasis Club (mostly Roma), and will be involved in the life of the local church.  

Kendall was greeted at the airport by Shane and Rachel.  After a circuitous route planned out by the GPS, everyone arrived in Litoměřice to get Kendall settled.  It did not take long for Kendall to demonstrate that she had done a lot of personal preparation for this ministry assignment. Not only had she mastered a few phrases before arriving (she can request a towel wherever she travels in the Czech Republic now!), she was quick to share greetings in Czech.

She will serve in Litoměřice for several weeks and will conduct a week of intensive English with a group of Roma in Košice in late July. Pray for Kendall as she begins her summer of ministry.  You can follow Kendall's adventures at her blog:  Kendall Ratliffe.  If you send her an encouraging letter or care package quickly, she will be sure to receive it at:  

Kendall Ratliffe
DKP Bethel o.s.
Pražská 992/14
41201  Czech Republic

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