Friday, August 27, 2010

Roma in the European News

**Background: France began last week sending home Roma (Gypsies) that had overstayed their 90 day allowance and had not found employment or started school. The French government is flying the Roma to their home countries and giving them 300 Euro per adult and 100 Euro per child. It has been very controversial. Below is the latest:

EUobserver: Paris has invited a handful of member states to an 'immigration' summit next month, amid strong controversy stirred by its high-profile deportation of scores of Roma back to Romania and Bulgaria. The meeting is to take place in Paris on 6 September and is supposed to deal with the "general topic of immigration". The list of invitees includes interior ministers from Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and Greece. The Canadians have also been invited, while the Belgian EU presidency was added to the list as an afterthought. But the list is notable for who is not on it. Neither Romania or Bulgaria have been invited - the destination for Roma currently being deported from France.

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