Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Loss Of A Friend

On March 9th Project Ruth and all of its friends and supporters said farewell to a dear friend. Vasile Moceanu passed away from cancer on that day. Many will remember him as the first face they met upon arriving in Bucharest as he worked as the official driver for Project Ruth for many years. Every team of volunteers and every GSS/TCM teacher had the privilege of meeting this humble servant of God. A skilled driver with a detailed knowledge of the streets of Bucharest Morceanu safely delivered all such visitors to their many destinations. Although he spoke little English visitors were warmly welcomed by Moceanu with a handshake or kiss on the cheek.

Moceanu was a delight to the children of the Ruth School. He regularly delivered lunch to the children attending Obed Day Center and his pockets often held pieces of candy for the Roma children. While he waited in the van for staff or visitors to complete their errands you would often find Moceanu reading his Bible. He was recognized in his family and his church for his steadfast belief in God. His faith stood firmly throughout his final days and he was a strong witness of God’s love to the many friends and church family who gathered at his bedside daily.

The Project Ruth family grieves the loss of our dear friend but rejoices that he has found wholeness and peace and complete joy in the presence of God our Father.

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