Sunday, July 3, 2011

Faithful Friends

Magdalena’s question about needing to read the Bible to be able to go to heaven and how she must depend on people to come and read to her was a topic of interest in Cinobana a couple of months ago.  Among other reasons, her eyesight is so poor that she is unable to read.

Hearing about Magdalena, friends from Arkansas responded immediately with a solution.  Faith Comes by Hearing is a partner with CBF to help put Scripture in audio form so that people without access to books, who are illiterate, or for other reasons cannot read can have the Scriptures in their language.  

We received a package from CBF of Arkansas with a solar-powered player that had the Slovak New Testament ready to play.  When we were in Cinobana with the Roma Road Team last week, we presented the player to the fellowship there.  With the blessings that it is for Magdalena and to benefit the whole fellowship, we listened to that night’s Scripture lesson on the player. 

Thank you to faithful friends and for your quick response to the needs of your Sisters and Brothers in Christ.

Worth a Thousand Words
That’s the Cinobana ministry house with a newly completed roof thanks to the generous support of CBF of Missouri and her member churches!

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