Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ruth School 2011-2012 Year Begins

The 2011-2012 Ruth School year has begun! The students and their parents began to arrive around 8AM to await the opening ceremony on the soccer court. They excitedly lined up by grade with flowers for their teacher in hand. Giggles and shouts of greeting were heard over and over. Our former director, now art teacher, Ms Tita, introduced our new director and 1st grade teacher, Ms Virginia. Each class and their teacher were recognized with applause.
The 4th grade formed an arch way on the front steps of the school. Each class paraded down the sidewalk and into the building through the waving flowers. It was very festive!

In the 1st grade room there were a few tears as parents left their young ones in "big" school for the first time. Ms Virginia reassured them their children would be OK. I was struck by the thought that parents are the same the world over - that first day of 1st grade is traumatic no matter what culture you live in!

It was a wonderful start to a new year. Join us in praying for a great year for all!

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