Monday, February 13, 2012

The Long Wait in Detva, Slovakia

Tomas Kohut, Lucenec Pastor
    At last summer’s Roma Family camp were several families from the south-central town of Detva.  Situated about thirty-minutes west of Lucenec, the small group of believers in Detva has been touched by the ministry of the believers from Cinobana.
   The group in Detva asked to have regular meetings, modeled after the one in Cinobana.  As you know, since 2005 we have partnered with the Lucenec Baptist Church and INNetwork in Cinobana.  Praise the Lord for this next phase of the partnership where a successful model of ministry is going to be reproduced in another community.  The first meeting of the Detva fellowship group took place on 25 January.  I (Shane) was honored to be asked to come and share with the group during their first meeting.  
   One sister from Detva shared about what this fellowship group meant for her faith.  “When we were at the Family Camp last summer, we talked about doing this.  You all (Cinobana and Lucenec believers) promised six months ago that you would come.  I don’t know if my faith could hold on another six months.  This is an answer to prayer.” 
   It’s exciting to see God’s hand moving among the Roma in south-central Slovakia.  Pray for this partnership, for the Detva believers and their witness.  Pray that we will have wisdom in knowing how to handle the unique situation in Detva as we follow the model established with our partners in Cinobana. 

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