Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Many Churches Does It Take . . . ?

 How many churches does it take to make an audio recording of the New Testament? We're about finished with such a recording project in Poland, so I started counting. Our team of prayer supporters attend seven different churches from six different denominations in three different countries; four different US states. The "proof-listeners" came from at least five different churches and three different church traditions. The "voices" came from at least four different churches (two of them different than the proof-listeners') and three different church traditions (two of them different than the proof-listeners'). The studio spaces we've used have involved three different churches, including one church tradition not earlier involved. And I really don't know how many different churches the technicians and support staff at the Faith Comes by Hearing office represent.

So how many churches does that make? I would have lost count if, in fact, the answer were not so obvious: It only takes one Church to make an audio recording of the New Testament.

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