Saturday, November 8, 2014


To the left, you see what the New Testament in Eastern Slovak Romani looked like this past spring--separate books of the Bible from a computer print-out in school binders. If you were in Sabinov, Slovakia, today (November 8), you could celebrate the dedication of the published version in a Roma-speaking church. There are an estimated 500,000 speakers of this Romani language in Slovakia, Ukraine, and nearby areas. 
It is a celebration, too, of cooperation within the world-wide body of Christ. Every Tribe, Every Nation provided funding for the printing of 15,000 copies. Word for the World Slovakia coordinated the translation. The Slovak Bible Society has added the Romani translation to their web page at and hope to publish a bilingual Romani–Slovak New Testament in 2015. And own Keith Holmes, of the CBF Romany Team did an audio recording of this New Testament via Faith Comes by Hearing (available on their web page at, Slovak-Romani, Carpathian, in both audio and print forms).

In their recent newsletter, Word for the World Bible translators Pierre and Lisa Van Vurren write: 
At the Hlinné church we have begun listening to three chapters a week in Romani and having small group discussions. It is transforming for those Roma who cannot read. Those who can read have better comprehension and deeper understanding. Some are recognizing that their language has value. 
An audio recording serves as an additional check for a written translation. Corrections are always found in the course of an audio recording. We are grateful for this opportunity to contribute to making the New Testament available to speakers (and listeners) of Eastern Slovak Romani.

Truly, there is much to celebrate!

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