Monday, May 9, 2016

Recording in Riga


How good is your geography? If it is extremely good (or if you live in this corner of the world), you know that Riga is the capital of Latvia.* The city had a boom during the Art Nouveau period** and is full of fascinating buildings like this one.

Keith is here recording a new version of the Latvian New Testament with the Latvian Bible Society. He does this through Faith Comes by Hearing. The project assistant, Elizabeth, thinks the computer program for doing this is way cool. She speaks fluent English and hopes to design games or computer animation. 
What, you may ask, does this have to do with Romany ministries? Romany in Latvia will also have more access to the Word of God when the Latvian New Testament is available online. Because perhaps there are Romany in Latvia who do not speak Baltic Romani, the first version of Romani ever recorded by Faith Comes by Hearing. Want to hear a bit? Baltic Romani New Testament

*If your geography is moderately good, you know that Latvia, along with Estonia and Lithuania, is one of the Baltic countries. And if your geography is reasonably passable, you know where the Baltic Sea is. And if your geography of Europe could use some refreshing, but you are reading this, you can look all this up on the Internet . . . .
**We won't get started on art history.

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