Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hearing (and seeing) the Word

Prayer:  That many Romani will hear the Good News of Easter in their own language.

Romany village, Moldova
The story of Jesus' death and resurrection is available on Internet in many different Romani languages. Here are a few examples.

Faith Comes By Hearing, audio New Testament,
   4 different Romani languages, including one from Chile* 

Romanian Calderash Animated retelling

Condensed version of Luke, distributed by Campus Crusade for Christ, 5 Romani languages.**
For an example on YouTube: Jesus video

God's Story, animated, Shutkah Romani (Macedonia) God's Story

Good News, illustrated, Ursari/Balkan Romani Good News

Are there more? Let us know.

*Keith Holmes recorded two of these.
**He recorded two of these, too. 

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