Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Met On The Way--Part 1

Bernadette, left, with translator Dona, right
Keith and I have been trekking around the U.S.A. since April 17. We've heard extraordinary stories along the way, including this one about  our long-term friend Bernadette. Here she is enjoying a meal at a Romany home in Moldova.That's fitting, since she has served so many meals herself. When the flood waters hit Baton Rouge, LA, last August, Bernadette and her sister Nora Beth sprung into action. Bernadette's table seats 14. Every night they filled that table with people who had been flooded out. Bernadette told us those people either walked in the door crying or burst into tears sometime during the evening. It was a relief for them to find a dry haven and sympathetic listeners.
Friends from as far away donated towards the dinners.  At one point, her sister asked, "How long are we going to keep fixing supper like this?"
"As long as we can," Bernadette replied.
After two months, Bernadette and her sister went down to about two nights a week. They stopped counting dinners served (not diners but dinners) at 94. Extraordinary the things that ordinary Christians do!

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