Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christians' voices against prejudice and violence

From: Servizio Informazione Religiosa: With them on the streets

29/01/2010 - "The Roma people must not be viewed in terms of a problem but as our brothers. Siding with the poor in our meetings brings friendships, and friendship leads to a new form of civilization". Msgr. Janos Szekely, auxiliary bishop of Esztergom-Budapest and responsible of the pastoral care of the Roma for the Hungarian Bishops' Conference, delivered the final speech of the international conference held a few days ago in Budapest titled "Roma People: Europeans without a homeland". The meeting, held at the Academy of Science, was promoted by the Sant'Egidio Community in response to the series of attacks that targeted Gypsies in Hungary over the past two years, and also to "show compassion towards the Roma population and convey a word of hope in a world marked by prejudice and violence". Indeed, a large number of gypsies died in Nazi extermination camps. It must be remembered.

May more Christians' voices be heard!

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