Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready to Jam

The Gandhi Choir meets on Tuesday evenings and is led by Glen Adkins. This past Tuesday arrangements had been made for the choir to give a concert to the visiting team from FBC, Greenville. Imagine the cheers and clapping when the four musicians of the choir walked in wearing matching shiny silver and black shirts! It was a special surprise for Glen and for the guests. The young men enjoyed the attention and shouts of "Hey good-looking!" The girls were equally decked out in traditional attire or their very best clothes.
The choir gave a a beautiful performance with several students singing solos. They are very talented singers and musicians. Definitely a group of teenagers that the Gandhi School can be proud of.
A special thanks to all who have partnered with CBF to provide Global Service Corps workers in the past (Mark Knowles, Penny Mann) and present (Glen and Clista Adkins) to be the presence of Christ.

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