Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gandhi & Campbell - Day 3, The Last One

"Rain, rain go away..." so the old children's song goes. Unfortunately the rain was accompanied by gail force winds and very cool temperatures. The day started with a warm breakfast of sausages and pancakes with gallons of hot chocolate. We crowded into the common room for English lessons and play time, only venturing out for bathrooms (in another building) or a hot drink (also in another building). During the last devotion time Jonathan shared about the greatest hero of all: Jesus Christ. Then as is our tradition, we held a talent show, took a group picture, and finished up with S'mores. Who knew you could make S'mores in the oven?? The talent show was fun with lots of lively music and the students went wild when Glen and Clista sang an old bluegrass song. Tears flowed as we reminded the students they are loved by God, they are loved by us, and they can do ANYTHING they put their hearts, minds, and energies into. Gandhi students are the best!

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