Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pocsaj Celebrates!

Their first meeting place after they outgrew their living rooms was a room at the local police station. The local villagers thought this was a hoot because stereotypically Roma (Gypsies) and jail go hand in hand. This group was different though. They were meeting to worship the God that loves and cares for them because they ARE Roma. From this location they moved to an abandoned movie theater and from there they relocated to their very own place of refuge, a house renovated into a church. This journey is only a portion of what the Pocsaj Roma Baptist Church celebrated this past weekend.

It has been a history of highs and lows but one to be celebrated nevertheless. They remembered the outdoor baptism, not a big deal until you realize it was in December and there was snow on the ground. Fondly they recalled the birth of triplets to a faithful couple struggling with infertility and seeing those three babies dedicated to the Lord. There were remarks of various revivals, worship leaders, volunteers from Hungary and from the USA, and so many other wonderful memories. The congregation gave thanks to God for leading them this far and asked his blessing on their future. Join us in praying for the Pocsaj Roma Baptist Church and for God's leading...

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