Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 3: Uplifted through Faith Sharing

German-language translations of the Bible have been available since the 4th century. There were 18 complete translations of the Bible into one or another German dialect beforeMartin Luther’s was printed in 1534. The Sinti Romany, many of whom live in Germany, have only had a complete, printed New Testament since 2010. Scripture is available in German in many forms to download, compare translations (no fewer than 8 contemporary ones), listen to on MP3 . . . .

Now, thanks to a partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, the one and only translation of the Sinti New Testament is available on CD or MP3. Sinti believers, like the one pictured at left, spent hours speaking in the parts of Luke, Mary, Jesus, Paul, and Matthew to make this recording a reality.  Materials in the Old Testament are limited to an audio recording of Joseph’s story, a handful of 30-minute children’s DVDs, and printed pamphlets of parts of Genesis.

Germans have a wealth of Scripture resources, but are far less open to spiritual things than Sinti. While German churches empty, Sinti continue to hunger for the Gospel. They do not have a smorgasbord of Scripture, but they are seeking . . . and being filled.

As Mary sang in Luke (1:46b, 53), “My soul praises the Lord . . .. He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the rich away empty.”
Keith Holmes, resource coordinator

·     Praise for on-going translation work in the Sinti language.
·     Pray for the Wycliffe translation team.
·     For the Spirit to work through available Scripture resources in Sinti Romani and for the creation of more Scripture resources in this and in the 20 other Romani languages spoken throughout Europe.

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