Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 6: Uplifted through Education

Each weekday morning at 8:00, a stream of children flows down the sidewalk in the Galakticka neighborhood of Košice.  Near the end of the sidewalk, the children split in two directions.  Some turn right, through the doors of the newly-remodeled school for Slovaks.  Some turn left, through the rusty and graffiti-covered doors of the school for Roma Gypsies. 

By outward appearances, the schools are drastically different:  It’s obvious that the Roma school does not have the same financial resources.  But despite this, something extraordinary is happening – these Roma children are learning.  Some of them are the first in their families to attend school past the basic level, and a small handful may actually go on to university.

Could this young man become a journalist, speaking out on behalf of his oppressed people?  Could this young woman be elected to parliament, making decisions that create a better world for generations of Roma children to come?  Only time will tell, and only God’s love and grace can truly make a difference!                                                                           
  Jon & Tanya Parks, Slovakia

·   Thank God for the teachers and administrators who do this difficult work, for which they receive no recognition, and very little pay.
·   Pray that these students and their families will make it a priority to stay in school.
·   Pray that God would provide funding for this and other Roma schools in Slovakia that face defunding from the government.

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