Friday, March 6, 2015

What I Learned at the Ruth School

The older grades at the Ruth School in Bucharest, Romania, had been unruly, as preteens and teenagers tend to be everywhere. Moving from class to Wednesday morning chapel  had been a good excuse to try to impress fellow students and ignore teachers. The girls, a distinct minority in these upper grades, settled down quietly in the first row. But even the boys in the very back sat still and paid attention when Skyler Daniel stood up and said, “Today I want to tell you the story of me and Ronella.”
Ronella interacting with preschoolers
Skyler and Ronella Daniel have been teaching at the Ruth School for the past two years. Ronella has taught children with special needs. Skyler has led weekly chapel services, co-taught Technology classes, and assisted in English homework. But one of the most important lessons they have offered the kids they’ve come in contact with has been to model a healthy, Christian relationship. Skyler is leading a series of chapel services on this topic. This first one focused on being Christ-centered and practicing respect. He hoped his words would help the students form a healthy future. His actions towards Ronella and their infant daughter have been already done so.

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