Saturday, February 28, 2015

Where Did The Watermelon Come From?

Food prices in the Republic of Moldova have gone up 40% in the last year. Salaries and wages have not. So I was surprised to see this bright red watermelon on my friend Nadejda's counter. Where did she get a watermelon this time of year?
Take a moment to make three guesses. In fact, you can share your guesses in the comment section below. Go ahead. Take at least one wild guess.
Now check if your guess was correct:  she had her husband haul it in from the enclosed balcony of their apartment in Chisinau. No, they weren't practicing hydroponic or green house gardening. No, he hadn't stored it, fresh, in a cool place since harvesting it from their garden plot this past summer. Nor had they frozen it in a deep freeze. They have a big vat of salt brine on the balcony. The watermelon had been pickled in it. Other things, like green apples, had been preserved in the same vat of brine. It's a natural fermentation process that's supposedly good for the digestion. Want to try some? I did.

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