Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 2 - "Forming a Different Future" (Brunclikova)

Radek is one of the Roma boys I tutor at the Roma Education Center in Lysa nad Labem, Czech Republic. He is a good, hard-working student, a talented musician, and a member of the Roma dance group MIRIKLE.  Radek was recently accepted to the Prague Conservatoire. This is an honor for any young musician, but for Radek, a Roma, it is even more of a distinction. My prayer is that Radek will be transformed by his studies at the Conservatoire; that he will realize the potential that he has and use his gifts and successes as a testament to other Roma and non-Roma as well.
Tutoring at the Roma Center gives me both joy and heartache.  I love the smiles and laughs of the students as we help them with their studies in English, math, and the Czech Language. Most of them are eager to learn.  But I also see how many of them struggle in school, for different reasons. They come (or their parents send them) for tutoring in hopes that they will have better grades and, eventually, a better life.  In talking to the parents, I see that they understand that the key for their children to have a better life is education. However, many of them lack the skills to help their children because they themselves had difficulty in school. Hopefully, the tutoring we provide will help at least some of the children to reach their goals in life.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for Radek as he begins his studies at the Conservatoire next year.
  • Pray for the Roma students coming each week to the Roma Education Center for tutoring. May we give them not only the knowledge they need to do better in school, but may they also see God’s love through us as we work to help them.
Rachel Brunclikova, Czech Republic

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