Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 7 - "Giving Thanks"

Join us in giving God thanks for these answers to prayer from last year's prayer guide!

We prayed for Danka and her family that they will be encouraged to continue their work in the Roma community (McNary):
  • Danka and family have had a busy year.  A granddaughter was born in the fall, and Danka has completed training to work as a health assistant in the Roma community. 

We prayed for the prison chaplains in the Czech Republic; this is a new concept here and the funding and other support they receive is minimal (Brunclikova):
  • Give thanks that the chaplains in the Czech prison system continue to receive funding and support for their work.  Praise God for the impact they have on the lives of Roma living in the Czech prisons.  

We prayed for Jekh Drom (One Way) as they explore options for a community center near a Roma settlement in Slovakia (McNary):
  • Jekh Drom, after several disappointments, is still looking for the right building to purchase. 

We prayed for Romany Christians to mature in faith and, like Anna, disciple other Romany (Mary van Rheenen):
  • Praise God for Anna and for the Godly influence she and other mature believers have on their family, friends, and neighbors.

We prayed for Peter and the impulse toward hope he represents (McNary):
  • Peter was involved in a very serious car accident in the fall.  Praise the Lord that he was able to completely recover from the concussion he received in the accident.  

We prayed for teams from the US who would be serving in Vazec, Slovakia in the spring and summer (McNary):
  • Praise for a good year of teams in 2014 and a busy team schedule in Vazec in 2015.

We prayed for wisdom and insight for all Romany (and personnel like Wycliffe) involved in Scripture translation (Holmes):
  • Praise God for the publication of the New Testament in Eastern Slovak Romani and the distribution of an audio version of this NT. Praise God for beginning a translation project into the Romany language most widely used in Poland. Thank God for the recent publication of the entire Bible in Baltic Romani.

We prayed for the people in Lomnicka, Slovakia, and for the servants of the church who serve, often at great personal sacrifice, in order to show God's love (McNary):
  • The needs in Lomnicka continue and those who serve there continue to need our prayers.

We prayed for more openness and dialogue between different religious groups who may serve side-by-side in a community yet rarely seek ways of serving together (McNary):
  • Pray that more concrete ways of ecumenical cooperation can give testimony to the One Hope, Jesus Christ, we hold in common.

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