Friday, February 26, 2016


Here we see part of the SIL (Wycliffe) Roma Service Group in Romania. Jeremy, Zoltan, and Cheryl (right to left) have asked Keith (standing) to give them advice on media projects. They have already made a couple of recordings in a version of Romani (South Vlax).

And in the next photo, we see what they are so intently looking at.

No, it's not the illustrations they hoped to use in animating a recorded story from Scripture. They are looking at the recording itself. Or, rather, the wave files of the recording. 

Each set of blue "waves" represents a different voice. Should the volume be increased or decreased? What about  the space between voices? Should there be more of a pause?

They spent a lot of time editing a recording together. The result was far more than just a well-edited recording project. The time spent will have a ripple effect now that three (or four) more folks equipped to make quality recordings of Scripture in Romany languages.

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