Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Translator at Work

High tech
A couple of weeks ago we spent time with some folks who actually do Scripture translation. (Since Keith works with media projects, a lot of people think he is doing Scripture translation. What he does is the next step--putting the translation into an accessible format.) I got to see a translator with the SIL (Wycliffe) Roma Service Group at work. Sari Gardner used high tech (Skype + Bibledit computer program) to confer with Florian, a Roma pastor who currently lives in Germany. They have been working together on Scripture translation for some time. She also used low tech (notebook). Though pen and paper looks like a simple way to go, I can assure you that whatever she was writing there would take as much explanation as the Bibledit computer program.

Low tech
A glimpse of Bibledit

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