Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week of Prayer Day 3 - Moving Forward

From Ralph and Tammy Stocks in Bucharest, Romania:

from L to R – Sorin Badragan (Dean of Seminary, Bebe Prica, Oti Bunaciu
(former Dean of Seminary), Ralph Stocks (CBF Field Personnel)
Meet Bebe Prica, a Roma pastor serving a church in tiny Badila, Romania! We first met Bebe when he enrolled for the Gypsy Smith School of Leadership Training.  He has a quiet, unassuming personality that quickly drew other GSS students to him. Upon completing that two-year program and with the approval of the Romanian Baptist Union, Bebe was ordained. He continued and completed his studies in the undergraduate program at the seminary. Look today and you will find that he now is studying for his Masters at the seminary!

In addition to his own leadership, Bebe seeks to train believers by initiating one-day seminars led by other pastors. His church hosted a visiting youth choir whose concert drew many from their community. The children and youth in the church warmed quickly to volunteer teams coming to lead VBS-type activities.

When the norm is for Roma men to progress no further than the 8th grade academically, Bebe has far surpassed that standard to excel in his quest for religious education. He is beloved by his church and community and exhibits how his personal faith has impelled him to traverse cultural norms as he serves his Lord!

In your prayers:

  • Praise God for leaders like Bebe Prica.
  • Pray for more Roma men to follow his example.

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