Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week of Prayer Day 7 - Thank God!

Thank God for Mira and Sasha Zivanov, CBF field personnel who work in the St. Louis area with immigrants from the former Yugoslavia. These include Romany from Bosnia. The Romany have been most open to this ministry. They participate in ESL classes, worship services, food pantry, and tutoring. Mira and Sasha are themselves immigrants from the former Yugoslavia and can directly relate to the experiences of the people around them.

Praise God for Romany on the move like Pastor Stevo from London. He evangelizes and disciples other Romany at home as well as in Ireland, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Praise God, too, for the witness of Slovak Romany who have started churches in their new homelands.

Thank God for Luton Roma Church, an outreach in England with Romanian Romany immigrants.

Thank God for CBF’s International Team in Europe with units in Belgium, France, and Spain who reach out to all migrants, including Romany.

Praise God for Christians across Europe like Rachel Brunclikova in the Czech Republic who voluntarily tutor Romany students. As she wrote in last year’s prayer guide, “Pray for the Roma students coming each week to the Roma Education Center for tutoring. May we give them not only the knowledge they need to do better in school, but may they also see God’s love through us as we work to help them.”

Thank God for Italian Baptists who used a “Camper of Friendship” to visit Romany throughout Italy. Thank God for Italian Christians called to minister with Romany migrants, many from Romania, who camp under bridges in makeshift shelters.

Praise God for the CBF field personnel who have worked at the all-Romany Gandhi School in Pecs, Hungary for two-to- three years. Three sets of short-term personnel taught English and led other activities at this junior/senior high school. Glen and Clista Adkins were the last short-term field personnel to serve there. They continue to invest in future Romany leaders by bringing teams to lead intensive English camps.

Thank God for people like you, who support Romany on the Move through prayer!

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