Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 5: Education/Training Ministries

The Roma people across Europe face many challenges today–they are pushed to the edges of towns, treated unequally, and many people simply do not understand them. But not all the problems come from other Europeans. The fact is that some of the Roma have lived up to all those negative stereotypes they are known for today. They are mistreated, so they mistreat others … and the cycle continues.

This kind of cycle can be disrupted through education–among Roma and any other marginalized people. Many Roma children never make it to school, or stay for just a few years. The literacy rate among Roma is far below the average for most other European peoples. As a result, few have learned to improve themselves, to resist the mistreatment cycle, or to use their resources wisely. Imagine what could happen when even a small generation of Roma children can break this cycle, setting a powerful example for their people! Make no mistake–education itself is not the answer. But God’s love, along with the patience and compassion of others, can make a huge difference.

Prayer requests:
-For schools that teach and train Roma students – for persistence and for necessary resources
-For parents to have open hearts to allow their children to stay in school.
-For educated Roma leaders to set examples for their people, living lives that will soften the hearts of those who hate and fear them.

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