Monday, April 2, 2012

Ministry of Education

During a recent visit to the Roma school in Kosice, Director Anna Koptova gifted us with the first copy of the new Slovak-Romani Dictionary which she co-authored.  This dialect of Romani is spoken in north-central Slovakia and was codified by the Slovak government in 2008.  What an honor it is to support the important work of educating young minds.  Impacting the next generation by being the presence of Christian is the responsibility and honor for those called to serve in educational ministries.

If you are interested in educating young minds, there are opportunities for you to serve alongside of CBF Global Field Personnel around the world.  To find your place of service, check out the opportunities for short-term ministry in Education on the CBF website by following this link:  Education

- Pray for Anna Koptova as she leads the Roma Gymnazium in Kosice.
- Pray for the Ziga family - two children are to graduate this year from the Gymnazium but they are having problems getting citizenship papers from Slovakia (they have joint citizenship in the Czech Republic) and this can keep them from graduating.
- Pray for Tanya and Jon Parks as they prepare to relocate to Kosice this summer to begin their ministry.

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