Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 6: Poverty/Transformational Ministries

The first time Keith Holmes visited Romany Christians in Moldova, they asked him if he could help them support their families in a way that honored Christ. After several false starts, three believers received micro-economic development loans. Three years later, none of those businesses still existed.

Believers still dreamed of being positive examples to their non-Christian neighbors. Keith’s wife Mary arranged for micro-economic development loans for two other believers to expand businesses they were already involved with. Due to the economic crisis, one had to leave the country to repay this loan. The other earned enough to support his family, but not enough to buy their own home. He chose to earn more money faster in a way that resulted in his leaving the church. Another training session was organized. Everyone interested in the training had left the country to work abroad.

Over a decade after that first visit, even with no visable success, loving our Romany brothers and sisters means continuing to hope with them and work with them.
Together, we have faith that more is being transformed than meets the eye.

Prayer requests:
-At least three Romany will actually attend the next training session;
-Long-term help to develop employment opportunities in Moldova;
-That each Christian, wherever we live, will use our daily economic choices to show our love for one another—shopping, working, employing, planning, giving.

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