Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cooperative Fellowship in Moldova

See these three women standing up in front of these Moldovan girls? One was born in a Romany village; her first language is Ursari Romani. One was a refugee from East Germany; her first language is German. One has two diplomas from Moldova; her first language is Romanian. What power could bring them together on one team?

See these four guys? One is the son of a hard-working couple from Kansas; first language English. One is the son of a hard-working Moldovan couple; first language Ursari Romani. One was born in Transylvania; first language Hungarian. One has family in Ukraine; first language Romanian. How on earth can they commune together?

See these two women? One is the daughter of solid, church-going Dutch farmers. The other grew up in a Moldovan orphanage. What basis do they have to cooperate so contentedly?

(If you do not already know the answer in your heart, you can see it in the right hand corner of this photo.)

Photos from Children's Program & Girls' Camp, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Romany village in Moldova, June 24-July 7.

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