Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Giving Lessons

This lady on the left lives in a Romany village in Moldova. She recently chose to follow Jesus Christ. She is busy learning what that means.

She and her daughter invited the volunteer team members who were staying in her village over for tea one evening. We sat outside. In the course of the evening, it grew increasing cooler. She asked me several times if I was warm enough. Finally, she brought out a brand new sweater, pulled the tags off of it, and gave it to me.  Then she got concerned about the other two women who were wearing sandals with no socks. She brought out brand new pairs of socks for all three of us. Next she asked if we ever wore scarves. She brought out a new skirt (which Els took home for her teenaged daughter) and a scarf to match each of our outfits. Finally, she gave a man's polo shirt to Zoltan, the Wycliffe/SIL team member who had been translating from Romanian to English for us all evening.

She is busy learning. She might also be teaching?

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