Saturday, July 18, 2015

Inspired Development

Development does not have to cost a lot. Sometimes, we don't even have to plan it. For example, Erika likes to fix things. Last year when we visited the Roma village of Vulcanesti, she fixed Nina's sewing machine. (This was Erika's 5th visit to the village; she and Nina have become fast friends as well as sisters in faith.)

This year, when we visited the village, a steady stream of villagers came to Nina's house. One had a pair of jeans that needed to be shortened. Another had a different alteration. And some had ordered items to be sewn, like this traditional-styled apron made from a colorful scarf.

Nina's husband passed away this last year. She needs the extra income and delights in the extra company. And sometimes she takes the opportunity to read from the Bible with her visitors or to pray. Did I say this development wasn't planned? Well, it wasn't planned by Erika and it wasn't planned by me, but . . . .

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